Homes in Oswego

Oswego New Construction

If you are looking for a brand new home, Oswego has several options for you. Although the community is mostly developed, there are still several new home developments going on in the city including the Hometown Oswego subdivision as well as several custom builders.

Often, buyers looking for new construction don’t think about talking with a REALTOR. Some think they have to pay us a fee to get representation for the purchase of new construction (FALSE: we are paid by the builders who you purchase you home with). Others think that because the builders pay us a commission, they raise the price of the home to compensate or aren’t willing to give as good a price (FALSE: in fact, a REALTOR can possibly negotiate you a better price for your new home than you would normally be offered). Still others, don’t even consider speaking with a third-party REALTOR because there are those convenient salespeople in the model homes.

The truth is, there are a lot of advantages to contact a REALTOR prior to going to look at new construction options. As a local real estate expert, I know what your new construction options are. That means you can see what’s available all at once instead of driving around looking for subdivisions. I can help you schedule your open house tours and even accompany you to point out different features you should take into account when looking for a new home. As an independent third-party representing you, I will also monitor the purchase process from start-to-finish to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Actually there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t contact me before you start looking for a new home. My representation is absolutely free – what is there to loose? Fill out the simple form below and tell me your new construction needs. I’ll get to work looking for homes that meet your requirements.